Railing Pattern

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Ring Beam Pattern

This is a ring beam pattern with a typical design for cast iron. The pattern was cut out and built up in mdf and yellow pine on 25mm birch plywood which provides a very sturdy board. The recessed details were created using the universal pattern miller, centralising the pattern then spinning the table to cut out the lower height around the inside of each circle.

This is a half pattern centralised in its box so two moulds will be made, put together, then one double sided casting is produced.

The client had specified the moulding box that you can see built around the pattern to be added. Depending on how different foundries work or plan to cast a particular job, sometimes we are asked to build a moulding box, other times the foundry will use an existing box. Plenty of taper was added to the box for ease of moulding and space left inside for locator cones to match the two sides of the mould up perfectly.