Railing Pattern

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Frame Restoration

A pair of large 18th century frames were badly damaged and required extensive restoration.

Many details of the carved frame had been damaged or broken off, and these losses had to be re-fitted with new wood and carved to match as closely as possible the original design. Lime wood was used as it is a traditional carving wood of the period and it was agreed it would be best for this particular job.

Using traditional fish glue, smaller losses were fixed by cleaning out the break and tidying up the new joint with a chisel or carving tools, then gluing a roughly shaped replacement piece of wood in place before carving the details. One of the frames was missing a large section of one corner, and the replacement part had to be screwed in for extra stability due to the size of the missing piece.

Once the carving had been done specialist conservators layered the relevant parts with gesso and bole before gilding them to complete the restoration.